miércoles, agosto 23, 2006


I'm sorry for the mess of languages in the blog lately. Just to keep in touch.

It's like we are going through a good patch at betting lately. About yesterday, it was great for Valencia, they classified to the Champions League, they will play with Barcelona and Real Madrid. On the other side it was very bad for Osasuna, hope they'll forget it soon, congratulations to Hamburg. Meanwhile i won a bet again with Barça. And luckily there are more games soon: today we have good football again with Real Madrid, on friday UEFA's Supercup, and non-stop from now on. So we can decide when to bet, or in all of them!!

About yesterday's bet, brilliant football and simple bet once again. They just can't stop playing great and we betting for them. We trust in Barça's kind of football. I bet 6 euros for Barça's victory before the game and don't even do a trading. Please check the mosaic below about how prices got lower after each of the goals (clockwise pictures of the prices at the beginning, after the 1-0, after the 3-0, and our bet). Bayern played great specially until the first goal, they have some now players that can do something important in a very near future, we'll keep paying attention to them. The most important was to keep having faith in our bet when they shoot a couple of times at the first minutes of the game. That was the key.

So much to say lately about football! The post about basketball championships will wait once again.