viernes, agosto 11, 2006

Trust in talent

There is some kind of players in whom we can trust completely when making sport bets. Yesterday I bet for Federer and go to sleep because i think i wont need a greenbook.

The bad thing for us who bet is that we will find very low prices for this kind of players. It is because people trust on them so much that nobody would bet against their victory. For instance Sharapova, who also allowed us win a bet yesterday, and also Jelena Jankovic.

In every sport, be it individual or in teams, i'm completely sure that the key is talent. Randomly there appear genious in every sport: Jordan in basketball, Merckx in cycling, Rossi in motorbikes are some examples. In tennis we have Federer, at his age considered the best player in the history. And we have a great competition with Nadal in the next years.