miércoles, agosto 09, 2006

How to make sure money from tennis

As I said in a previous post, I'll post some entries in english so that anyone who may find this blog from blogger lists or anywhere will understand the video clips I'm uploading and more or less how trading works. My english is poor but anyway I'll try to explain them. Let's get an example:

WTA Stockholm Open: Sucha vs. Zakopalova

(download video)

1st set of the game. Sucha takes advantage, so we bet for her victory 6 euros at a price of 1.55. We wait a little until prices get lower, she finally wins the first set, and bet against her victory a higher amount of 6.01 € @ 1.38.

As you can see in the clip, the numbers below each tennis player are coloured in green. This means that at this point no matter who wins the game, we won't lose our money. The larger the difference of prices is, the much better because that will allow us win more money from the victory of each one.

As you see in these samples I'm betting low amounts of money. Of course if you bet more money you'll win much more. I've seen people who bet as professional betting like 1000 € and more in each one. But if you're a newbie it would be interesting to start betting few quantities until you get used to how trading works.

As I said in the last post I've realized this is the only sport bet that makes sense, because if you put your money at risk sometimes you'll win, sometimes you'll lose, but you won't make money steadily.


By the way I've realized I am not posting about some kind of sports that have nothing to do with this.

I'll keep betting to horse racing. I'll make trading also from this kind of sports, and keep putting samples in the next entries.